I agree with the other reviewer. I though the Xponent has a bit of a cheap build quality and I didn’t like the feel of the buttons either. I Dj at club’s 7 days a week and the xponent is great! Call up a flanger effect and layer on LFOs–or mix in feedback loops from a delay effect and control it all from the assignable knobs on Xponent. I believe that most of the early problems were solved with the upgraded torque software 1. Xponent’s mixer section lets you deliver a dynamic performance with the same feel and response as a standard hardware mixer.

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It has the greatest features and would be an excellent product if xponent m-audio was more time taken in development. Wishlist Log in to view your xponent m-audio. The package includes the Torq DJ software that’s revolutionizing digital DJing m-aueio the Xponent hardware control surface that puts all that power right at your fingertips.

The transition into digital DJing couldn’t xponent m-audio simpler. Ratings Distribution 5 Stars. Windows Media Center Edition is not currently supported.

And for a truly effortless xpoment, Torq locates and catalogs your song files including your iTunes library into a quickly searchable database that resides on the computer’s hard drive–letting you pull up the perfect track or change up your set in an instant.

I am going xponent m-audio wait 1 yr. The system also provides everything you need to loop, reorder and remix tracks xpponent the fly.

M Audio Torq Xponent Advanced DJ Performance/Production System

Engineered xpponent M-Audio’s synchroscience design group, the package includes the Torq DJ software that’s revolutionising digital DJing and the Xponent hardware control surface that puts all that power right at your fingertips.


Guitar Center does price-matching to credible online retailers as well as regular stores!! For the price xponent m-audio the Xponent you could pick up a used CDJ – and be far more prepared to one day mix in a xponent m-audio club.

With VST effect compatibility and easily assignable hardware xponent m-audio, you can turn your plug-ins into expressive live performance tools. Our full range of DJ equipment from all the leading equipment and software brands. I agree with the other reviewer.

If this had been done right it would be the best digital dj’ing setup out there. Xponent also makes it simple to control any software application that supports MIDI learn functionality. I haven’t seen any problems but online there is a lot of issues being circulated.

M-aydio Media Xponent m-audio Edition is not currently supported. The only way to get around not having xponent m-audio make tqd file is to use the Itunes database and make it faster. The second I bought it is literally right out of the box plug and play.

It has your booth outputs, a master out put and a head xponent m-audio jack. When ReWired to xponent m-audio host application, the tempo of Torq automatically locks to the current session xponent m-audio, so you never have to worry about syncing playback between Torq and your preferred DAW. This exponent does it all. With built-in controls for looping as well as a cell, tempo-synced performance sampler, Torq makes it possible to grab loops and one-shot samples and drop them wherever you like, all while staying perfectly in sync with the mix.


With full-size tactile controls, an integrated USB audio interface and intuitive midi-learn capabilities, the Torq Xponent system bridges the gap between traditional DJ hardware and today’s powerful performance software once and for all.

Accessories For Orchestral Strings.

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All in all this devise is cool, but you gotta baby it because it does feel xponent m-audio, but so far i have had no problems with xopnent other than the sound output. We designed the Xponent with a full array of tactile m-audoo so you can get into the music and engage the crowd xponent m-audio every moment of your set. I have worked with professionals such as DJ Drama and this product even he was very impressed with.

I really wish they wouldnt have rushed xponent m-audio because it would be the best thing out there but? Also it works great with the trigger finger.

The xponent is one of the best. In my opinion this unit is worth every cent I spent on it.

If you’re serious about dj’ing, then avoid this catastrophe of a machine at all cost I even sold my mixer xponent m-audio s hoping to save my back from lugging equipment around.