The last item is the biggest surprise for me since I thought all new drives these days would support it. I was a bit surprised here of the result. Make sure your drive’s model name by inspecting the safety label on top of your drive. The average write-speed is Once again the average speed is around 6X. Get tech support here.

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If you sohw-812s never sow-812s about it, check this sohw-812s out where it is explained: It’s not necessary to upgrade the firmware of your opto-drive unless you meet problem.

In the end of the disc, you can see that there are some dips indicating that the drive had some small issues reading the sohw-812s part of the disc, slowing it down a notch a sohw-812s times.

Lite-on SOHWS Firmware 0S Driver – TechSpot

Once again sohw-812s average speed sohw-812s around 6X. I was surprised that the sohw-812s speed was found on the cheap Platinum media and not the more expensive Verbatim media. Installing sohw-812s LiteOn drive was easy. Since this is a double-layered disc you get this pattern where it reads each layer in turn. Upgrading No power interruption.


I was also surprised that regardless sohw-812s which media I had in the drive, it always said that 8x was the fastest read speed. Reboot your PC to see if the firmware has been changed. Here’s other similar drivers that are different versions or releases for different operating systems: I could burn sohw-812s burn!

Z-CLV and an average write speed of around 7.

Lite-on SOHW-812S Firmware 0S

The average write speed is 7. As you can sohw-812s the disc is read with Constant Angular Velocity. Customers, please be aware, that LiteON IT will no longer provide services to the products that have been ” Sohw-812s Firmware Upgraded “, such as flashing to sohw-812s models’ firmware.

Even though the drive is rated to be able to read up to 12X speed, it barely reaches sohw-812s, which also was what Nero InfoTool reported as max speed. This leads to a sohw-812z lower average sohw-812s speed of 6. On this media, the drive switches up to 6X burning quicker than on sohw-812s media. The last soohw-812s is the biggest surprise for me since I thought all new drives these days would support it.


Theory is one thing, but how fast is this sohw-812s really?

To answer this question, I did various read and write tests with a variety of media. I sohw-812s tried it with 2 different discs with the same result. This means that the rotation of the CD is constant on all parts sohw-812s the disc. Sohw-812s was a bit surprised here of the result.

LiteOn SOHWS Specs – CNET

Get tech support here. Make sure your drive’s sohw-812s name by inspecting sohw-812s safety label on top of your drive.

Download the ZIP file with correct model name. Help us by sohw-82s it.

sohw-812s Note the low access times, around ms. Execute the firmware upgrade execution file.

Nero Burning Rom 6. The detail upgrade procedure please sohw-812s ” How to upgrade firmware “. Release Notes Related Drivers 3. In sohw-812s end of the disc, it seems to have issues sohd-812s the disc.