Posted Sat 17 Oct 09 DJs can also add their personal touch by altering the music using the equalizer controls bass, medium and treble ranges , adding automatic loops, multiple effects and even personal sounds, shaping music tracks to make them their own – the DJ Control Mp3 e2 even enables them to record their best creations. Another version of VDJ? Has backlit LED buttons. More input ports mean that more input sources such as microphones, CD players or turntables can be connected at once. Posted Tue 17 Nov 09 7: Posted Tue 23 Nov 10

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Bye, Blackmail Posted Wed 29 Dec 10 2: The number of headphone output ports the device has usually 6.

Hercules DJ Control MP3 e2 Specs – CNET

RCA dj controller mp3 e2 input ports. Posted Sat 17 Oct 09 7: Has a music jd navigation control. Is a type of electrical connector phono commonly found on audio equipment. A type of knob that also has a push button functionality built in. Has plug and play feature. With more channels available, more tracks could be mixed together. RCA connector output ports.


The skin cannot be changed in DJ Console Edition. XLR connector output ports.

Top 10 DJ controllers 1. The two jog wheels allow DJs to navigate through tracks, reduce or increase playback speed and to perform scratch effects.

Has backlit LED buttons. Allows users to navigate through music folders and select tracks. More input ports mean dontroller more input sources such as microphones, CD players or turntables can be connected at once.

Hercules DJ Control MP3 E2

TRS connector output ports. Types of knobs may differ: I want to buy this stuff in a few weeks Posted Wed 21 Jul 10 Posted Sun 28 Nov 10 9: There have been many enhancements to the software since v3, including support for new hardware such as the Hercules MP3 e2 Posted Wed 18 Nov 09 Posted Sat 17 Dj controller mp3 e2 09 Starting with VDJ This possibility doesn’t exist in the version included with DJC Mp3 e Faders can be either channel volume faders, pitch sliders, crossfaders or even EQs.


The cue button enables the user to pick a specific point on a song dj controller mp3 e2 to be able to play that song from that particular point.

Do you have a solution? Does not require power adapter. Posted Wed 24 Nov 10 5: Another version of VDJ?

Hercules DJ Control MP3 e2 vs Hercules DJ Control MP3 LE: 28 facts in comparison

This page is currently only available in English. The majority of professional microphones use the XLR connector that ensures a better sound quality.

Thank you in advance. More output ports allow users to connect more output devices such as power amplifier, submixer, recorders or powered loudspeakers.