I bought a more up-to-date camera previously, but it did not make as great pictures as the Easyshare does. Best Selling in Digital Cameras See all. Directly to the left of the Flash button, this button accesses the Self-Timer and Burst drive modes. Next to the lower left corner of the LCD monitor, this button lets you tag images for printing, emailing, or as a favorite image. Prime lens size comparisons – many pics.

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Controls the camera’s orientation cx6330, which detects when the camera is held vertically.

Even though you cx6330 longer have to buy an EasyShare camera cx6330 get the software, the software cc6330 work very well with Kodak’s cx6330 cameras. The first mode on the Mode dial, Movie mode is indicated by a movie camera icon. A Mode dial lets you change camera modes quickly, and once again, the plain-English descriptions flashed on the LCD screen make operation straightforward for cx6330 rank beginners.

Kodak EasyShare CX6330

Here, the camera fixes focus at infinity for distant subjects and scenery. Back at the end ofKodak “liberated” the EasyShare software package, allowing consumers to download it cx6330 free from the Cx6330 website.

We couldn’t find the price for this cx6330. CNET cx3630 get a commission from these offers.

Digital Cameras – Kodak EasyShare CX Digital Camera Review, Information, Specifications

And with exclusive Share button, cx6330 and e-mailing cx6330 one-touch simple. Test Results In keeping with my standard test policy, the comments given here cx6330 only my key findings. It automatically sizes the images for printing or emailing, stores copies, applies simple effects, and allows you to make image corrections, such as color, brightness, cx6330 contrast adjustments.


Given the simple interface and cx6330 controls, you should cx6330 able to snap images right away, with hardly a glance at the manual. Automatic exposure control makes camera operation a snap for any experience level. About this cx6330 Product Information Simple to shoot and share.

The camera’s autofocus mechanism uses a multi-zone system cx6330 “find” the primary subject closest to the lens. Turns Quickview on or off.

Click here to cx6330 my “battery shootout” page to see which batteries currently on the market are best, or here for cx6330 review of the Maha CF charger, my longtime favorite. Overall, the entire line of EasyShare cameras are among the easiest and cx6330 goof-proof digicams out there, and the Cx6330 and Kodak’s latest Picture Software carry on that tradition admirably. A shutterlike lens cover automatically slides out of the way as cx6330, and eliminates the need for a removable lens cap.


The press release does not have any details but here cx6330 go. In Sports mode, the camera cx6330 faster shutter speeds to “freeze” action.

I had cx6330 other cameras but was not as happy cx6330 though cx6330 had more megapixels. One of the newest additions to Kodak’s CX cx6330 of digicams, the EasyShare CX continues xc6330 the same basic camera design as the rest of the EasyShare line, as well as the trademark user-friendly interface. Trending Price New.


Digital Cameras – Kodak EasyShare CX Digital Camera Data Sheet, Specifications and Information

Kodak introduce three new digital cameras. The CX offers full automatic exposure cx6330, making it simple to operate. Focus ranges from cz6330 Have had the other for about 10 years maybe more. Cx6330 in Playback mode, either pressing cx6330 button a second time, cx6330 pressing the Shutter button returns you to the Record display. Marks the current image as a “favorite.

However, not all menu options are available in all modes. My old CX camera died. The traditional cx6330 macro symbol marks this mode on the Mode cx6330. E-mount lenses, cx330 they THAT terrible? You need to login to vote.

What are the most important things cx6330 want from a Canon or Nikon mirrorless camera? The built-in flash is rated as effective from 2.