Do this when the pens stop working. This will bring up the System Preferences: Here is a link to a Word document with instructions prepared by Mr. Hidden Text Reveal Tutorial: Recommended certified installation available from Promethean’s Certified Installation Partners.

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If the red X become a Promethean icon an orange manthen your board should work. This applies to you if you have one of the new Promethean Boards that looks like this black casing around its perimeter:.

K-U-D Organizer doc file.

ActivBoard Series Pro. The flame button on the board won’t work.

The ActivBoard Pro is a feature-rich Interactive whiteboard that combines colour, motion and interactivity with integrated sound and Dual-User functionality. This will bring up the System Preferences: You can plug a two-button mouse in to a Mac and it will work.

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Creating Questions For Learner Responses. How To Register ActiVotes. On most computers it’s easy, as they come with a two-button mouse.


ActivBoard Standard

To do so, you can do either of the following:. It is a pretty straight-forward and simple install. Here is a link to a Word document with instructions prepared by Mr. Click here to access Promethean Planet. Video Tutorial-Text Reveals Picture.

The ActivBoard Pro is a feature-rich interactive whiteboard that combines color, motion acgivboard interactivity with integrated sound and Dual-User functionality. The pen stops working. More Games At Promethean Planet.

Let the board be deprived of electricity for 15 seconds or so. Clock using it for timed testing preparation. Press and hold the Control Key while clicking.

ActivBoard 300 Standard

Here’s what you do to wake it up. This should actovboard up the ActivManager, which will allow you to check your driver version: Conquest game for Inspire. Rest easy, knowing that we offer support services for the range of ActivBoard systems and other ActivClassroom solutions. Your local site tech should be able to help you with the install, should you need help.

Promethean Activboard Pro | Promethean sole distributor in Bangalore

ActivBoard Pro is available as a 78″, 87″ or activboad display and comes complete with an integrated sound system, Dual-User functionality and a choice of Promethean’s ActivInspire Professional Edition or Acrivboard ActivOffice software. Using your Mac, click on the Apple icon and go down to System Preferences should be the fourth item down:.


This is facilitation of the Promethean Board for use as a model for location, evaluation and analysis of educational content. Reconnect the electricity and USB. Snakes and Ladders Inspire Review Game.

Promethean ActivBoard 300pro

Integrate sound clips to turn up the volume of lessons and captivate students with clear sounds emanating from built-in speakers and a discrete yet powerful amplifier. A decent set of troubleshooting steps in PDF format can be found here: ActivBoard pro – Brochure. Click here for further warranty information.